How To Audit Your Own Website – Part 1!

May 5, 2017 | Featured, How To, Marketing, Web Design, Websites

Here at Oak City Technology, we are commonly asked to perform website audits for companies who want to see where their website stands against the test of time. In general, audits should be done yearly for businesses that rely on their website. Here is part 1 of a free checklist that we follow for our own in house audits!

Platform Checks

Updates: Are all of your platform updates current? Keeping up with security updates is incredibly important and not updating your website is what hackers look for when finding sites to target. Learn more about WordPress security here.
Security/Encryption: Does your website use an SSL certificate? Is it up to date? If you actively sell products or take user information through your website SSL certificates should be installed on your site.
SSL checker here

User Privacy: Do you have a privacy statement that’s easy for a user to find on your website? Are you in an industry that requires dedicated pages to disclaimers like law firms or financial agencies? These are extremely important and should be included as a link in the footer of every page.
Google Search Console: This may not be necessary if you haven’t changed hosts, themes or platforms in the last 3 years. If you have it’s a good idea to submit your website for verification. You can do this here.

Website Speed

Page Speed Test: This should be done on a quarterly basis to ensure there are no background technical issues that may stand in the way of you ranking. If you did not know, page load speed is a full ranking factor today and should be taken very seriously for any website. Test here. We recommend a page should load in 2-3 seconds! Learn why page load speed here is important because of Mobile First Indexing!

Image Optimization: Are your images optimized in size for easy loading on browsers and mobile devices? Over-sized images are commonly overlooked when creating websites and they are detrimental to page load speed. Here’s a great article on image optimization directly from Google!

Visual Aesthetics  & Design

Design: How does your website stack up against your competition, design wise? Does yours look dated? People judge a website immediately on its overall design, if your website looks like it’s from the early 2000s odds are you are not going to be getting many leads or calls. Users have been spoiled over the last few years with extremely good looking websites and when they come across a site that looks out of touch, it stands out. Design trends change rapidly and need to be incorporated every 2-3 years.

Image Quality: Please use high quality images on your website. With the resolution of screens today it’s extremely easy to notice an image that is blurry or just looks old. Remember your goal is to sell your business through your website! Would you have a storefront with a poster in the window from 1997? Neither should your website.

Logo Design: Just like with the overall design of a website users will judge your logo. If it looks like it was made by you in Microsoft Word using clip art, odds are a user isn’t going to take your website seriously. Logos should be updated every 3-5 years to ensure it never looks dated and keeps up with design trends. Here are 5 things your logo should say about you!

Structure & Navigation

Ease Of Use: How easy is your website to use? Does it take more than 1 clicks to find important things like pricing, contact info or your services? Users have about a 10 second attention span when coming to a new website. If they can not find what they need in that amount of time, they are gone. We can see this very clearly in analytics data and it’s something that should be take into account when redesigning or updating a website.

Contact Forms: How easy are you contact forms to find? Trick Question! If it’s not one of the first 2 things a user sees, the odds of them using it to contact you go down dramatically. Make it easy to find and use and remember that less is more. Don’t ask 10 questions in a contact form, keep it simple. Name, Phone, Email and Message. You can figure out the rest once they contact you first.

In Part 2: We will cover part two of our audit process next week. Look out for the following topics:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • On-Site Content
  • Call To Actions
  • Social Media

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