Top 3 Ways To Make You a Better Marketer With IFTTT

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Online marketing for any business today can seem like a daunting task. There are so many options when it comes to avenues to reach consumers or prospective clients that marketing can often take a back seat in small businesses. However, there are some incredibly useful tools out there that can make your job much easier with the help of services like IF This Then That (IFTTT.)

For those of you that are not aware IFTTT is a platform where you can create “recipes” for technological interactions with more than one service at a time. For example, we talked about this in a previous post, but say you take a picture for Instagram and want to post it to Twitter as well. Okay this doesn’t seem hard as many services allow you post to multiple social accounts at one time right? Wrong, more often than not these pictures or posts that are “auto shared” are not created as native posts, meaning they are piggy backing off another platform. This can cause you to lose valuable social engagement that is crucial to SEO and lead generation. IFTTT takes this whole headache away with a simple recipe that takes less than 5 min to enable but saves you hours over the course of any given marketing cycle. The recipe takes the Instagram image and creates a NATIVE post on twitter, meaning to a user it looks like this was the only platform it was posted on! Pretty nifty huh?

Here are a few more of my favorite recipes that can make any online marketing manager’s life just that much easier.

#1 For Trello Users

This IFTTT recipe for those that use Trello (we here at Oak City Technology swear by it) will allow you to automatically schedule daily or weekly Trello cards. We use it for weekly or daily reminders, like…hey you should post a new blog today…thanks Trello.

#2 Monitoring Engagement On Reddit

I love Reddit, but man can information get buried in a hurry. Here is a recipe where you will automatically receive an email when your company is mentioned anywhere on Reddit! Talk about never missing a chance to engage with users.

#3 Twitter Tracking

Ever wish you had a list of every tweet you ever sent…to either reuse them or make sure your not rehashing a recent tweet? Well, here is a recipe that will automatically add every single tweet you send to a google doc! When you’re managing an active twitter account this can be a huge time saver. Check it out!

BONUS Life Pro-Tip!

When was the last time you were walking around your house in silence, listening for a vibrating sound or the faint dim of a phone light from the couch cushions because you can’t find your phone? Welcome to my life, I can’t keep my hands on my phone to save my life and I am constantly asking my girlfriend…will you PLEASE call my phone I cant find this damn thing. For those of you like me I have a recipe just for you, it will turn your phone’s volume up to 100% when you receive “#volumeup” in a text message. That’s right, this recipe will turn the volume up on your phone so you can easily find the misplaced center of your universe. I am borderline ashamed to tell you how many times I’ve used this…so I won’t. Try it for yourselves!

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