Why LinkedIn? By the Numbers

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Who Should Use It:  Business to Business providers, Professional Organizations, Non-Profits.
What To Share: Company Descriptions, Job-listings, Blogs, and Events.
Post Frequency: Two to three times a week.
LinkedIn Is Right For You… if you are in B2B or in another role in which you can provide useful insights to people thinking about their work, seeking to make business connections, or looking for a new job.

If Facebook had an older, more professional brother; Linkedin would be it. Linkedin is currently on a massive uptrend in our society and is very popular in every sector that deals with business or professional services.

Demographics: Courtesy of Pew Research Center

“The site continues to be particularly popular among college graduates, those in higher-income households and the employed (although the increase in usage by those who are not employed to 21% from 12% in 2013 is notable). College graduates continue to dominate use of the site. Fully 50% use LinkedIn, a 12-point increase since last year. It is the only platform where those ages 30-64 are more likely to be users than those ages 18-29”

The LinkedIn stats you should know

There are 332 million people on LinkedIn.

Two new members join every second.

There are 187 million monthly unique visitors.

LinkedIn is currently used in over 200 countries and territories. It’s available in 20 languages.

40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn on a daily basis.

The average user spends 17 minutes per month on the site.

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