Top 3 SEO Myths Debunked


The sad truth of the matter is if you are paying $99/month to a service that promises you top rankings in Google, you are almost certainly being scammed. These “services” give SEO a bad rap. To most, SEO is urban legend, no better than a Ponzi scheme. Today we’re going to debunk the three biggest myths in SEO.

#1 Myth, Google Doesn’t Need Your Help

Yes, yes it does. If you think Google and other search engines can figure out your website on their own and rank it appropriately your analytics probably look like this:
Google is smart, but not magic. What is often forgotten is that Google and other search engines strive to mimic human behavior in evaluating content and use human generated signals to crawl and rank website search results. You need to actively tell search engines what your website is all about. Here is 9 actionable SEO tips about ranking in local search.

#2 Myth, I Did SEO Once, I Don’t Need To Do It Again

Not true! SEO is not a set it and forget it situation. It’s unfortunate to see organic search traffic fall over time, but all too often that’s exactly what happens when no effort is applied.
Continually staying on top of and maintaining your SEO efforts is essential because of:

  • Old and outdated links
  • Unintended negative linking
  • Publishing new pages
  • Periodic changing of search engine algorithms
  • Outdated content
  • The competition moving ahead of you because they are maintaing their SEO better
  • And so much more…

Here is an actionable guide for how to do local SEO. Great for getting started or using as a checklist to maintain your SEO efforts.

#3 Myth, SEO Is A Scam

Sadly, many business owners have been approached by less-than-ethical marketing vendors who promise SEO services but basically deliver nothing. If you are paying $99/month to a service that promises you top rankings in Google, it is almost certainly a scam. That doesn’t even cover half a hour of an SEO expert’s time; let alone $99 per month. Real SEO, like websites, is an investment in your business and does not come cheap.

All myths and fables have an origin right? Maybe this one stems from those seeking quick and easy wins with little effort. Indeed, there are cases of SEO wins that meet these criteria, typically when a website has massive technical problems that are easily correctable. In other cases, SEO involves real effort and time commitment which often pays additional rewards beyond the increase in traffic.
The above screenshot of organic traffic shows the kind of success many strive for, but it is neither unusual or unattainable for folks that consistently invest in SEO as a marketing strategy.

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