TLDW: Top 3 Webmaster Mistakes

Oct 21, 2015 | Business Development, SEO, Videos & Podcasts, Web Design, Web Development, Websites

What is TLDW?

Too Long Didn’t Watch. In the spirit of TLDR, we’re going to condense pertinent videos down to 3-5 bullets points for a quick read with your morning cup of coffee.

This Week’s Video:

Top 3 Webmaster Mistakes by Google Webmasters.

1. Your website isn’t crawl-able. If Google and other search engines can’t look through your website; people won’t be able to either. Set appropriate permissions and create a sitemap.
2. You aren’t including the right words on your page. Simple things like including your menu in plain text instead of an image or pdf if you are a restaurant. Include your phone number and address on your contact page. Things of that nature.
3. You aren’t writing compelling content and/or marketing properly. Too many webmasters and marketers are focused on link building and keyword jamming rather than creating relevant content. Focus on writing content that humans can and will actually read.

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