Content Marketing: The Perfect Compliment to Your SEO Services

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Like every good business owner, you’ve got money put aside for local SEO services.

And like every great business owner, you’re always looking for ways to stretch that budget as far as possible with affordable SEO services.

But did you know there’s an SEO strategy that costs 62% less than other options while bringing in three times the results?

Welcome to the world of content marketing.

There’s a reason the content marketing industry is growing exponentially each year. Keep reading to learn more about creating your own content marketing strategy.

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What Makes Content Marketing Different

Content marketing is creating and publishing valuable information in order to attract a very specific audience online. Once you have that audience’s attention, you drive them to take action—encouraging them to read more on your site, join an email list, visit your landing page, etc.

Because content marketing strategies are so much more focused on providing value than typical advertising, they have a few unique advantages:

1. Content marketing posts have no expiration date.

As long as you keep updating your content to stay accurate with industry developments, your content marketing posts are evergreen. You don’t have to worry about them expiring like Facebook ads, and they continue to drive traffic to your site.

2. Your content posts support all your other digital marketing strategies.

Think of a great content marketing post as a magnet drawing new customers into your already existing sales funnel.

A well-made content marketing campaign will actually boost your other marketing strategies rather than replace or distract from them. Incorporate your existing sales ads into your content as organically as possible.

3. Becoming a thought leader in your niche builds trust in your brand.

Publishing high quality and relevant knowledge on a consistent basis will teach your customer base to trust what your company says. Great content establishes your brand as an expert in your field.


So all we have to do is throw up a few blog posts and the money comes rolling in, right?

Not so fast.

Like any other digital marketing campaign, your efforts will be wasted if you don’t start with a good strategy.

Keys to a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

How exactly do you come up with a content marketing strategy?

The specifics of your strategy will depend on your industry, where your target market spends the most time online, what you sell, and more. These details about your business will also dictate which medium of content marketing will work best for your business (video vs blog pots, etc).

Thankfully, there are some aspects of content marketing that stay the same no matter what.

To draw an audience based on your content alone, you need to focus on these key elements—regardless of your niche:

1. Make content so good it gets shared organically.

Adopt the mantra “Content is King.”

Bill Gates coined this phrase with a powerful essay he published in 1996, which you can read right here.

With all the overwhelming forms of media and entertainment available today, your content needs to stand out above the rest. You don’t have to be a big company to provide excellent content that your audience can’t help but share with their friends.

Don’t skimp on this; the factual accuracy and presentation of your content is not the place to cut corners, it’s where you should be investing the most attention to detail.

Never underestimate your reader’s intelligence. In fact, the Google Search algorithm rewards well-written content with higher rankings on the front page.

3. A consistent brand voice earns more than a sales pitch ever could.

Videos, infographics, charts, and blog posts all count as content marketing. But no matter what medium, your content marketing strategy won’t do much for you if the tone isn’t consistent with the rest of your brand.

For example, a lawyer’s firm dealing with upper-level business managers will want to keep the same friendly but professional tone throughout their…

  • PPC ad campaigns
  • press releases
  • informative Youtube videos
  • long-form blog content written to answer specific legal questions on Google.

The more cohesive your brand tone is throughout all platforms, the stronger your company’s brand identity will be. The stronger your brand identity, the easier it is for customers to feel as though their building a relationship with your company before they’ve even purchased anything.

2. Take advantage of the most searched questions and phrases.

This should be obvious, but it begs to be said: the easiest way to make sure people see your content is to put your content where everyone is already looking!

If you know your customers ask the same dozen or so questions before they make a purchase, publish content answering each of those questions. If you notice the same few worries or misconceptions derailing some of your sales each month, create content that dispels those worries.

*Pro Tip: A great place to start is to create a full blog post for each of your most Frequently Asked Questions. It’s okay if you already answer all of them on an existing FAQ’s page; answer each one in detail in its own blog post.

Take the First Step

Have you noticed anything about this post?

You may want to get your totem ready, because we just gave you free information about creating a content marketing strategy within our own content marketing post. (Is a content marketing Inception… called a Conception? Anyway.)

Keep reading our blog to learn more about powerful SEO practices like creating your own online content.

Or, talk to a trained marketing professional about starting your own content marketing campaign today.

Not Ready To Get Started?

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