How Quality Web Design + Content Marketing Can Help Law Firms Generate Better Leads

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You Know Law, We Know The Web.

Here at Oak City Technology, located in the heart of Durham, NC and RTP. We have helped many local lawyers stand out online and generate better leads. Many of our clients ask us why our process works so well and the answer is simple. We know the elements Google wants in websites today. Google values modern, easy to use websites that provide value to users who visit. As a lawyer, you understand the uphill battle a person faces when trying to make their own wills, draft business contracts or even represent themselves for minor traffic violations. How many people have you met that believe “I can do this myself,” and end up harming their businesses or personal reputation in the process? This is why, unless you went to law school, you generally want to hire a lawyer. So, as an attorney who understands the need for experienced, professional services, should you trust your website and digital marketing to an inexperienced firm or even worse…a friend who “knows how to build websites?”

Absolutely Not.

The Internet Has Changed, We Keep Up.

Over the past decade, the internet, and (more importantly to you) Google, have undergone massive changes. Just a few years ago, a hastily produced website, some quick, keyword-stacked content and your favorite clip-art made up a suitable online presence. Today, that is just not acceptable. The internet has evolved into a much different place, and the reality is this:

Google dictates that websites focus on a few, very important aspects of modern web design. You don’t follow Google’s rules, your site doesn’t show up. These areas of focus include:

Quality Web Design

  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile User Experience
  • Responsive Design

Content Marketing

  • Providing Valuable Information Through Blog Posts
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Social Media Outreach

At Oak City Technology we understand the challenges that law firms face to compete on a local level on the web. We believe that you deserve very talented, very professional web designers and digital marketing experts to help take your website to the next level.

Lead Generation, Putting Your Law Firm’s Website In Front Of Potential Clients.

Image is important. Just as a person’s first impression is based on appearance, today’s businesses’ first impression is your website. As a local law firm, you likely don’t make marketing decisions of a whim. You realize already that having a well designed, modern website, that incorporates a detailed digital marketing plan, is essential in today’s business climate.

Today, the vast majority of people go to Google first to find a specific service. Law services are one of the largest markets on Google today, making your website one of the best potential tools for lead generation. Why? Because the average person or business does not have a lawyer on speed dial. If a person is sees the dreaded red and blue lights while driving home, and ends up with a ticket (perhaps the latest in a line of tickets) they don’t know who they’re going to call. The first they they do is hop on Google and search:

“Traffic Ticket Lawyer Durham, NC”

This is why the local firm’s website stands to be the most efficient means of lead generation.If your law firm shows up at the top of the first page that Google search, you stand a very good chance of having that potential client click on your website. Less than 10% of people advance to Page 2 on a Google search page.

That’s step one, but you still need more. Even after the click, your website can easily dissuade this person from ever contacting you, if you have:

  • A Hard To Navigate Website
  • Slow Page Load Speed
  • Obnoxious Pop-Ups
  • Autoplay Videos (There is NEVER a reason for this)
  • A Cluttered Home Page
  • An Old or Outdated Website (Even in appearance)
  • No Means of Contact on the Site

All this being said, If you are that local law firm, ranking on top of Google’s first page, without any of these common pitfalls for modern websites, you stand a good chance of converting that user into a lead, and a future client.

Why Choose Oak City Technology

At Oak City Technology we specialize in building these lead generating websites, that draw in the users who are looking for you and convert them to leads, through a simple user experience and answering the users’ basic questions. We pride ourselves in generating business for our clients and making sure you stand out against your local competition. Contact us today to get started generating leads and clients for your firm’s website!

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