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Discover how Oak City Tech can help your 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Free hours donated to each nonprofit organization


Work hours donated to nonprofits

plus problems solved, graphics created, webpages fixed, etc

plus Cups of coffee drank while helping ;)

“We give back to our local community by helping those in need with our skillsets.”

seeds planted

Oak City Tech offers a community outreach program which aims to identify any potential problems and any possible improvements to the digital operations of charitable organizations. Once we have identified issues and can recommend improvements, our team of experts will spend up to 5 hours implementing our suggestions, free of charge.

what can we do

The purpose of this program is to help with small things here and there, not build you an entire website. Although we devote 25% of our man hours to community services, there may be a wait list for these services due to the high volume of requests we receive. Here are some common examples of modifications we’ve done to various charitable websites: fixing alignments, altering headers, redoing color schemes, redesigning graphics, fixing navigation menus, event pages, community calendars, fixing broken links, donation button, social media buttons, etc.

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