How To Get Started With Content Marketing

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On a local level, like here in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC) we often hear the phrase “Content Is King,” but where does this notion actually come from? The phrase “content is king” is used when describing a local and on-site SEO strategy called content marketing. The goal with content marketing is to create high quality content like blogs, case studies and helpful guides to attract an audience to your website to foster profitable user interactions.


What Is Content Marketing

In a basic sense, content marketing is the act of creating relevant content that people want to read. Now you may be asking, what do people actually want to read? The internet, namely Google, has evolved into an elaborate Q/A machine. Think about how you use google today, I would bet that you, like most people today type in full questions and expect to Google to provide that answer to you easily and quickly. This is what drives content marketing, the simple act of answering questions that people have on a daily basis. Say you are a plumbing company local to Raleigh, NC and you write a blog that says “How to weatherproof pipes for winter” and you thoughtfully answer this question by providing a simple guide for users to follow. You have just created relevant content that people want to read! By answering questions with high quality content like case studies, how to guides, top 5 lists ect, you stand a good chance of converting content into a traffic source to your website, especially on a local level.

How Can I Get Started With Content Marketing

Write more (or pay someone to write for you.) It’s as simple as that. A helpful place to start when trying to decide what to write about is think about the same questions all of your customers or clients ask you. I know as a web developer I get the same questions from almost every client.

  • Should I use WordPress?
  • Does social media increase SEO?
  • How important is a mobile website?
  • Does my domain name matter?
  • and the list goes on…

Every business is like this. You are the expert in your field for a reason and by answering these simple questions that EVERYONE has, you can easily start your very own content marketing plan. Keep in mind that the amount of content you publish is also important. Daily content works best, followed by a few times a week, then once a week, then once a month and so on. The more high quality content you can create and release, the more Google may take notice of your website.

How Can Content Marketing Help My Business?

Google likes content marketing because it provides value to its users. To be perfectly honest, Google is a company just like yours and ours and they are in the business of providing the best search results possible for their users. They don’t necessarily care about your business or even mine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage Google to increase traffic on your website. Content marketing has been shown to increase search rankings, generate organic link building and drive traffic to websites. More traffic = a higher chance for leads or product sales.

Other reasons content marketing is beneficial:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Strong customer interaction
  • Respect from peers in your industry
  • Synergy with social media

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