Why Twitter? By The Numbers

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Who Should Use It:  Businesses of any industry or size especially SaaS companies, marketing companies, sports-related businesses, and all news organizations.
What To Share: All types of online content, events, ads, sales, blogs, videos, etc.
Post Frequency:  Several times per day. (Key times are 9:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, and 4:00pm.)
Twitter Is Right For You…  if you want to reach both men and women, especially younger ones.

Twitter is the dominant leader of the social-sharing landscape. Relevancy, personality and brevity are the keys to making your voice heard. With over 300 million monthly users, Twitter is great for short updates and keeping engaged with a high-volume of content.

Demographics: Courtesy of Pew Research Center

“23% of online adults currently use Twitter, a statistically significant increase compared with the 18% who did so in August 2013. Twitter is particularly popular among those under 50 and the college-educated. Compared with late 2013, the service has seen significant increases among a number of demographic groups: men, whites, those ages 65 and older, those who live in households with an annual household income of $50,000 or more, college graduates, and urbanites.”

Here’s 4 reasons why twitter is a powerful marketing engine

1) In 2013, Twitter generated $716 million in Auto Sales. The best returns were on luxury model cars. For every $1 invested in Twitter marketing, luxury car brands saw a return of $17.80. That’s a return of 1,780%.

2) The average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Over a third (37%) of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow.

3) Americans love to Tweet about what they’re watching. Between January and April 2014, 17 million Americans shared tweets about a TV show. In total during this period, over 361 million tweets were shared about TV.

4) Three in ten small businesses have yet to join Twitter. What are you waiting for guys?

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