Why Instagram? By The Numbers

Aug 18, 2015 | Marketing, Social Media

Who Should Use It:   Image centric industries such as lifestyle, food, restaurants, clothing, fashion, architecture, technology, designers, artistic professions, remodeling, painting, real estate, etc.
What To Share: Share visual content, new products, sales, finished work ect.
Post Frequency: Once per day.
Instagram Is Right For You.. if, like Pinterest, you have something visual to share. Instagram users also sometimes overlap with Twitter.

The most visual of all social media platforms. Instagram rewards users who value image and can be an effective mechanism for targeting millennials. Instagram is now the SECOND largest social media platform recently passing twitter with over 350 million users.

Demographics: Courtesy of Pew Research Center

” 26% of online adults use Instagram, up from 17% in late 2013. Almost every demographic group saw a significant increase in the proportion of users. Most notably, 53% of young adults ages 18-29 now use the service, compared with 37% who did so in 2013. Besides young adults, women are particularly likely to be on Instagram, along with Hispanics and African-Americans, and those who live in urban or suburban environments”

Instagram benefits business in these ways:

Visually Stimulating- IG is only pictures and videos so quality imagery is important
Company Insights- Show people what you do behind the scenes, not just what you’re selling
Get Creative- Show people what your product or service can be used towards
Youth Engagement- 30% of teenagers consider Instagram the most important social network.
Visual Volume- Over 20 billion photographs have been shared on the site since then. 70 million new photos are shared each day.

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