Facebook Business Strategy: Tips to Effectively Market on the World’s Largest Social Platform

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Over 140 million businesses use Facebook to grow their companies.

But joining the social media platform without having a Facebook business strategy won’t get you the results you want.

Posting without a clear plan wastes your time and causes you to miss out on engagement opportunities with your audience. Using Facebook can be effective when you know how to do it.

Instead of spinning your wheels, use these tips to improve your Facebook marketing.

Set Facebook Goals

Clearly defined goals help shape your Facebook strategy.

Increasing your follower count is an obvious goal, but simply having more followers doesn’t help if they don’t click links and engage in your content.

Maybe your goal is to have more people like, comment on, and share your Facebook posts.

Perhaps you want more clicks to your website or more sales that come from your Facebook page.

Knowing the expected outcomes helps you plan how and what to post. Keep those goals in mind with every piece of content you create.

Tailor Your Content

General types of Facebook content work across many segments, but tailoring your content to your audience makes it more effective.

Use your data about your ideal customer to figure out what they want. What are their pain points? What do they want to see when they browse their Facebook feeds?

Pay attention to what goes over well with your audience. 

Posts that don’t get much reaction can help you figure out what to do differently. Can you change the way you present that content to make it better suited for your audience?

Use Analytics

Facebook offers built-in analytics for business users. The Facebook Insights option shows you the number of views, likes, your page reach, and other information about your Facebook page.

The analytics help you determine who actually sees your content. Just because you have 10,000 followers doesn’t mean they all see your posts.

With the data, you can see how many people saw and interacted with different Facebook content.

You can also see which types of content perform the best with your audience. That can help you plan for future content and change your current content to make it more effective.

Create a Content Calendar

Strategic content with a purpose makes your time more useful. You can ensure you’re posting valuable content by creating a posting calendar.

Determine how often you want to post. You’ll see lost of recommendations with at least one Facebook post per day being a common one.

Posting more frequently doesn’t necessarily get you better results. More posts may actually cause a decrease in engagement. When you post nonstop, your followers may be less likely to engage with the posts because it’s too much.

Once you decide on a frequency that works for your company, schedule those posts on your calendar.

Choose a type of post and topic for each piece of content. Write this information on your calendar.

You might choose to post a behind-the-scenes video of your manufacturing process. Maybe you plan to share a post from another business in the industry.

Having a detailed calendar makes posting faster and easier. You don’t have to think about what you’ll post each day.

You can be strategic about building up excitement about different things or educating your followers about your brand.

Post a Variety of Content

Keep your followers interested by changing up the type of posts you put on Facebook.

Only posting promotional content about your products gets old. Find ways to work your products into your posts naturally, such as showing how they’re made or posting a demonstration video.

Include informational posts. Giving away free information gives followers value, which may encourage them to stick around or make purchases from you. It also shows that you’re an expert in your business and field.

If you use a blog for content marketing, use your Facebook page to promote those posts. 

Share content from other businesses to build relationships. Cross-promoting can help you both reach a broader audience.

High-quality images and photos stand out in fast-moving Facebook feeds.

Interact With Your Community

The point of social media platforms such as Facebook is to be social with other users.

That personal engagement and two-way conversation are one of the biggest advantages for businesses.

When someone visits your website, they see what you’ve created. But they don’t have that personal interaction with you.

When people visit your Facebook page, they can leave comments, ask questions, and write reviews about your company. You can provide an almost immediate response or interaction with that person.

Interacting with visitors makes them want to come back. It helps develop a more personal relationship with your brand, which can encourage followers to become loyal customers.

Engage With Other Pages and Groups

You can also grow your Facebook presence by interacting with other business pages and groups in your industry.

When you interact with posts on other pages, you give yourself more exposure to their audiences. That can help new potential customers discover your brand.

If you post valuable information on a post from another business in the industry, their followers may see you as an expert. They may explore your Facebook page.

Just don’t self-promote on someone else’s page, or you’ll quickly step on toes. Keep your posts useful and friendly without taking over the other group’s page. 

Promote Your Facebook Page

Growing through shares and natural growth on Facebook is possible. But promoting your Facebook presence on other platforms can help you increase your followers faster.

Use Facebook plugins on your company website to send people to your social media page. You can also promote Facebook on your other social media platforms.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, post a sign displaying your Facebook page information so your in-person customers can find you online.

If you ship physical products, include a flyer in your packages with your Facebook handle on it.

Master Your Facebook Business Strategy

Having a Facebook business strategy is essential to making your time well spent. Increasing engagement and getting followers to click through to your website helps increase your sales.

If you need help with your Facebook strategy, consider our social media marketing and management services. We can help you create a plan and can even create and post the content for you.

Not Ready To Get Started?

We can still help you attract new business while working to grow revenue from existing clients and strategic partnerships. Get actionable advice & information right in your inbox from industry experts and professionals. 

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